Lebanese Cycling Championship results

The Lebanese bicycles federation, organized the 2014 Lebanese “road cycling” Championship, on Sunday June 22 at 8am. The road was long with Tabarja-Tripoli-Batroun-Chekka-Batroun-Chekka-Fidar forming the path the bikers will have to cross.

18 bikers were participating, but only 10 finished the race due to its difficulty.

Zaher El Hajj, the 2008,2009 and 2010 champion representing Atletico Beirut, was able to be crowned once again, for the 4th time, crossing the line next to his teammate Hassan El Hajj in 4 hours 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

In third place, came Homenetmen Beirut’s biker, Salah Rabah, who won it previously in 2007 and 2008.

Here are the full results of the race:

1. Zaher El Hajj
2. Hassan Al Hajj
3. Salah Rabah
4. Elias Abou Rached
5. Youssef Nader
6. Khalil Al Asmar
7. Kevork Altonian
8. Garo Klachian
9. Ahmad Farhat
10. Simon Banosian

The clubs standings is now as following:

1- Atletico Beirut with 53 points
2- Homenetmen Beirut with 36 points
3- Homenetmen Tripoli with 8 points
4- Homenetmen Sin El Fil with 7 points.
5- Homenetmen Antelias with 6 points.