Lebanese Cross Country Skiers to the World championship

24 Feb 2015 – For the first time in history, the Lebanese cross country skiers will participate in the The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, that will take place between 18 February and 1 March 2015 in Falun, Sweden.

Victor ABOU SAAD, the vice president of the Lebanese Ski federation will lead the Lebanese delegation formed by the Serbian Coach Alexandre Milnkovic and the cross country skiers Sarkis DRAIBI and Mansour BAZOUNI.

We should mention that the Serbian coach came to Lebanon last month where he organized a training camp for the Lebanese Army skiers that are taking part in the World Championship.

Cross-country skiing has two basic propulsion techniques, which apply to different surfaces: classic and skate skiing. The classic technique relies on a wax or texture on the ski bottom under the foot for traction on the snow to allow the skier to slide the other ski forward in virgin or tracked snow.

With the skate skiing technique a skier slides on alternating skis on a firm snow surface at an angle from each other in a manner similar to ice skating. Both techniques employ poles with baskets that allow the arms to participate in the propulsion.

The Lebanese Ski Federation is working on developing the sport by focusing on every event in Ski and by pushing the athletes to compete abroad and face international adversity.