Lebanese Basketball: Tadamon & Riyadi easily defeat Hoops & Champville

12 Dec. 2014- Riyadi secured a second win as Tadamon easily passes Hoops in the 2014 Lebanese Basketball League round 2.

Riyadi dominated the game from the first quarter with the amazing performance of Mohammad Ibrahim who was elected as the man of the match. The quarters results came as following: Q1: 26-17  Q2: 51-30 Q3: 69-53 and Q4: 86-76.
This is Champville‘s second loss this season after facing the Sagesse and Riyadi in an away matches.

On the other hand Tadamon won their first match in the league after defeating Hoops in Michel El Murr 76-58. Tadamon didn’t find any difficulties in this game and are now looking forward to their next game against Riyadi in Fouad Chehab.

Sagesse and Riyadi are now sharing the lead with 2 wins with only one game left from the 2nd round UBA vs Mouttahed.