Lebanese Basketball – Step Ahead Summer League First Round Schedule

29 Aug. 2015 – On Sunday August 30, the step ahead summer league is going to kick off at club Ghazir with 5 teams participating. The league is organized by Fouad Gerges and supervised by the Lebanese basketball federation, and its purpose is to give players a chance to showcase their talent ahead of the Lebanese basketball championship. A large number of young players is therefore present in this summer league.

Here is the schedule of the first round:

Sunday August 30:

– ProAm VS XXL at 5:30 P.M
– Frank Wurst VS CISCO at 7:30 P.M

Monday August 31:

– Assaker Jewellery VS CISCO at 5:30 P.M
– XXL VS Frank Wurst at 7:30 P.M

Tuesday September 1:

– Frank Wurst VS Assaker Jewellery at 5:30 P.M
– ProAm VS CISCO at 7:30 P.M

Wednesday September 2:

– XXL VS CISCO at 5:30 P.M
– Assaker Jewellery VS ProAm at 7:30 P.M

Thursday September 3:

– ProAm VS Frank Wurst at 5:30 P.M
– XXL VS Assaker Jewellery at 7:30 P.M