Lebanese Basketball – How Did Sagesse Manage to Defeat Tadamon?

17 April. 2016 – In the first game of the final 8 series between Sagesse & Tadamon, the green club managed to steal a precious 80-76 win away from home to lead the series 1-0!

Many thought that Tadamon would not fall down in this series as they have been stable throughout the year with small changes in the line up only, while their opponents on the other hand changed foreigners numerous times and even got a new one before the series!

But, despite all the problems this season, the green players were clearly much more motivated than Tadamon’s players in the first game and were thirsty for the win! They were lacking size against Vladan & Penigar since their new guard import replaced center Ryan Richards, but that did not stop them from fighting for every ball hard and scoring from second chances!

Todd was absolutely outstanding in securing the boards for his team, just like Elie Rustom and the rest of the players who played their hearts out! They realized that a final 4 without Sagesse is not the same and fought hard for the club!

Tadamon on the other could not capitalize on their strong start to the game, letting the lead slip away in the third quarter. They now need to reorganize and focus on the upcoming away game, because a loss would put them in a very tough situation!

Best of luck to both games, we are witnessing great basketball and both teams deserve to go through to the semi finals, so let’s hope the remaining games will be just as great as the first!