Lebanese Basketball: Interview with Queen of the Rock Magalie Gemayel

The Lebanese Queen of rock, Magalie Gemayel, will be in Taiwan on Saturday September 6, to participate in the Queen of the rock finals.

The Queen of the rock, just like the King of the rock, is a 1 on 1 street basketball tournament, and is being organized for the first time. Indeed, the tournament used to be only for men.

Qualifiers were played in different countries, and the champions of each country have earned a ticket to Taiwan, to have a shot at becoming the World King and Queen of the rock.

In Lebanon, Patrick Bou Abboud and Magalie Gemayel were the ones who won and are going to represent the country in Taiwan. That is why we decided to conduct an interview with Magalie, to see what she had to say about this experience.

First, the Lebanese Queen of rock said that the road to win the title in Lebanon wasn’t easy at all, since there were many excellent players alongside her in the tournament. She had to fight for the win, and deservedly earned a place in Taiwan.

Then, when asked about how it felt being part of a 1 on 1 tournament for the first time, Magalie affirmed that it was a new experience, that she liked very much, since it gave her the opportunity to exhibit her skills, on the contrary of a 5 on 5 game in which teamwork matters the most.

But on the other hand, she stated that street ball has requirements of its own, since it is being played on a concrete court, which affects the ball’s grip, raises the injury risk…

Later on, Gemayel declared that she has been training ahead of the tournament with Step Ahead founder and trainer Fouad Gerges, to get in perfect shape and be fully ready to play in Taiwan.

As of her expectations, Magalie confirmed that she was going to the rock tournament in order to win it, no matter how hard the competition will be from 8 other top level players, who won the title in their respective countries.

The Lebanese Queen of the rock will be accompanied by the King of the rock Patrick Bou Abboud, Rodrigue Akl and Roy Mrad.