Lebanese Basketball National team is back from Poland

31 Aug. 2015 – The Lebanese Basketball National team comes back from the capital of Poland, Warsaw, to Lebanon, on Wednesday, 1st of September, after finishing the two major stages of the preparation for the Asian Championship that is being held on the 23rd of September to the 3rd of October 2015.

The National team went to Serbia on Monday, August 10, where they held a training camp lead by the Serbian National coach Vacelin MATIC and Marwan KHALIL assisting him.

Lebanese National Team preparations in Serbia

On the 27th of August, the team moved to Poland to participate in a friendly tournament with three other teams: Poland, Iceland and Belgium, where they lost their against Belgium in 53 to 88, against Iceland in 75-96 and Poland in 76-95.

“Throughout our stay in Poland, we used to train in the morning and play a game in the evening against Belgium, Iceland and Poland, teams that are preparing for the European Championship.” Said Georges KILZI.

KILZI added that Jean ABDELNOUR, Ali MAHMOUD and Lauren WOODS didn’t take part in the matches in Poland; ABDELNOUR and MAHMOUD due to injuries and WOODS because he wasn’t ready.

Lebanon will be playing in Group 4 with: Qatar, Taiwan and Kazakhstan at the Asian Championship, and will be facing Taiwan on Wednesday, September 23, Qatar on the next day (September 24) and Kazakhstan on the day after (September 25). The three games will start at 4:30 PM – Beirut time.