How Much Did Antoine Choueiry Invest in Building Sagesse and Lebanese Basketball Glory?

It is without a doubt that Antoine Choueiry is the main reason for Lebanese basketball and Sagesse glory in the 90’s. Choueiry invested his money and worked on building a club to reach international level and this is exactly what happened. Sagesse, under the supervision of Choueiry, was able to win Asian Club titles, Arab Club titles and finally reach the Basketball Clubs World Cup. On the other hand, investing big amounts of money was another reason to reach the national team the Basketball World Cup for the first time in our nation’s history.

Many people have asked about the amount that Choueiry spent on building a successful club like Sagesse and a successful Lebanese basketball community.

The answer was previously mentioned in a sports and politics documentary created by Al jadded TV titled البطاقة الحمراء. Former Lebanese federation member and chief of sports editor in Al Safeer, Youssef Berjawi said that Choueiry invested approximately 90 millions dollars to reach this glory. Elie Mchantaf (Sagesse club captain at that time) was not surprised with this amount and confirmed what Berjawi said. Mchantaf also mentioned that Choueiry, aside from Sagesse, had stood next to other Lebanese clubs and was helping them financially.

Here’s what Berjawi said in the documentary (please note that this is only what Barjawi said regarding the money invested by Choueiry):