Lebanese Basketball League-Preview: Tadamon vs Mayrouba

10 Jan.2017– Tadamon host Mayrouba on Wednesday afternoon as the injured visitors hope to steal a win.

Tadamon are coming out of a tough loss against Sagesse and hope to make it up against Mayrouba. On papers, Tadamon look as big favorites. Their team is gelling well together, and with Paul Caughter as coach, they really look scary.


With Jad Khalil and Earvin Morris leading the backcourt, this team is fast and moves from defense to offense in a heartbeat. Khalil is proving to be one of the best emerging talents in the country. A leader at this age is rare to find. Stopping him and Morris is quite difficult but necessary if Mayrouba have a slice of chance of taking the win home. With Albert Zeinoun and Costy Koudsi playing the pg spot, they face up against Jad. With Emmanual Jones making his day view, Mayrouba hope he can carry the team and limit Earvin as much as possible.

Down low, Mayrouba have 2 big guys that they should invest in. Bohannon and Upshaw are taller, more physical and can dominate both Kemp. Nonetheless, Tadamon’s frontcourt is faster, more athletic, and can cope with bigger opposition with their fast defense and double teams. With Ali FAkher El Din coming on, they gain some size, and shuffle Kemp to the SF position. This is a good move if they want to match up with Tom Ammar because he often plays the 3 spot.

Things seem to be going one way but never underestimate the heart of an underdog.