Lebanese Basketball League- Preview : Tadamon vs Louaize

21 Feb.2017- After a tough round 12 for  Tadamon and Louaize, both of them are looking to bounce back and reconcile their fans.

Tadamon have changed their coach recently and so we might be looking at a new team with different strategies and plays. Coach Perisic is known for his defense and straight to the point European mentality. Nothing fancy. He had a great impact on this team and finished second in the regular season last year. With players like Jad Khalil who has matured greatly into an all around PG and with Earvin Morris filling the wings, coach Perisic has the options to thrive with this team.

As for Louaize, loosing Geron Johnson in their last game against defending champions Riyadi proved disastrous as the team clearly lacked his leadership and hustle on the court. Tadamon will surely look to minimize his influence on the game with probably Morris Kemp taking him on. He’s more physical than Jad and Earvin and faster than Bilal Tabara. That’s the tricky part about guarding him, but double teams will surely be placed everywhere he goes.

Even if Geron has all the spotlights, players like Elie Stephan and Miguel Martinez have been playing great ball. Stephan is definitely a threat anywhere on the court, playing zone defense to avoid one on one matchups with Geron and Wendell Lewis down low may allow Stephan to find his open looks and he rarely misses. With Miguel threading the ball and Geron opening spaces Tadamon have their work cut out for them.

Ali Fakherdine may start after a great performance in his last game to take on Wendell Lewis, a great low-post player, and a physical specimen. MJ Rhett may take on Travis Mckie, keeping in mind that Mckie can spread the defense with his shooting and good range. Louaize may find themselves with a slight advantage down low to work with. Nonetheless, Tadamon have shown they are able to handle anything thrown at them and this will surely be a game to watch.