Lebanese Basketball League-Preview : Sagesse vs Tadamon

02 Jan.2017– Sagesse host Tadamon in Ghazir hoping to steal a win from the red warriors.

Things are not going the way coach Abou Chacra wants to at Sagesse. A hard loss last time against Louaize shook the club a bit. The thing is, they count too much on Stoglin.Great defense from Miguel, Ribal and Johnson throughout the game stopped Terrell in his tracks (2/13 from 3). Depending on one player to always take the last shot or to take a crucial decision is harmful to any team because it allows the opposition defense to focus on one target and thus be more at ease.


We talked previously about Lebanese players who should elevate their game so that the team would have any chance to win. Sabah Khoury and Mohamad Ibrahim are on the right track, Georges-Yves ( practically minimal experience) has been performing greatly. Coach Fouad you got to trust the group and stop pounding Terrell with unnecessary pressure. Pressure will surely build up when Jad Khalil and Earvin Morris start running the floor, the kind of fast tempo offense they like. Sagesse’s slow and stagnant defense is in for a fight.

Down low, Sagesse could have something to work for. They will certainly have space as Holton and Kemp are not your typical centers. They help a lot on defense as coach Paul plays a kind of zone defense depending on matchups as his team is often undersized. Todd Obrian and Ivan Johnson must be the go-to guys as eyes are surely on Terrell and both these big men can play the post and benefit from their physical presence under the rim. Even Ali Fakher El Din might be at a disadvantage as he lost some pace and speed during the years.

Off the bench, Tadamon are relying on Rony Fahed who is having a good season so far. Sagesse better watch out, because when he gets hot it’s trouble from downtown. For Sagesse having both Patrick and Bashir in good form today is vital. Both mobile (more or less) can be good matchups against Tadamon’s bigs. Fighting for rebounds is going to be a main strategic point as Tadamon are great at collecting second chances. Sagesse on the other hand, need to protect their basket more and grab those essential rebounds if they have any chance of winning.