Lebanese Basketball League- Preview: Sagesse vs Mayrouba

01 Dec.2016– In their first game in the first division, Mayrouba take on Sagesse with the will to make their mark.

Sagesse will count on their loyal fans to back them up in a season that might be filled with ups and downs.

Their biggest threat is undoubtedly Terrell Stoglin. Lightning fast, great range and one hell of a ball handling, Mayrouba have their work cut out. Hopes are high on Ratko Varda as Sagesse need another scorer next to Stoglin to help take pressure off of him. Furthermore, his ability to rebound the ball and protect the rim are much needed as Sagesse lack size under the basket. He will be put to the test as he takes on Robert Upshaw down low. A 7 footer who knows how to handle his footwork and post moves worthy of taking any defender down. Upshaw will team up with John Bohannon to seal the way to the basket. Sagesse will have a hard time cleaning up the boards and denying second-chance buckets.

Sagesse’s Lebanese players will be key to their play. Coach Abou Chacra will count on Sabah’s shooting, Mohamad’s experience on running the team, and Patrick’s hustle plays to propel the lead to victory. Their secret weapon might well be Georges Yves Daaboul, shifting the balance in their favor. Mayrouba’s Lebanese players are all young and hungry to prove themselves as Albert Zeinoun, Fouad Anati, Elie Ghaleb and Costy Koudsi will fight for every loose ball to make sure they get the win.

The game will definitely be an offensive one as both teams are filled with offensive weapons and no obvious defensive match-ups as every team has an edge over the other.