Lebanese Basketball League- Preview: Sagesse vs Hoops

09 Dec.2016- Sagesse welcome Hoops as both teams look for their first win.

Sagesse were beaten badly last time against Byblos and are looking to make it up for their fans with a win at home. First of all, they should be tougher on defense, Byblos were scoring easily. Even if you have to foul someone, don’t let him score with ease. Lifeless players walking the field, no transition, no hustle, no spirit. Their players talked about not getting in the rhythm, they should fix that as soon as possible.

Talking about foreigners won’t do Sagesse any good. Their Lebanese players must step up to help Terrell Stoglin and ease his burden. Sabah Khouri has been performing good but needs further help from Bashir and Mohammad on the offensive end. On the other side, Ali Mezher and Izzat Kaissi have been performing as All-Stars. A duo that captivates you when running the floor. Running will be essential for Hoops to build the lead as Sagesse’s player are slow to get back on defense. With William Bird and Curtis Millage controlling the wings, Sagesse may find a hard time defending against good shooters and slashers.

Down low, Darrius Garett may control the basket against Varda as the latter is probably towards ending his career. He will need all the help he can get from Bashir and Patrick. With all this fuss going around, we wish to see the best basketball possible.