Lebanese Basketball League-Preview: Sagesse vs Homenetmen

01 Mar.2017- After coming short in the semis of Dubai Tournament both teams face off in what is going to be a tense fixture.

Homenetmen are in a bad place right now, people are questioning their ability to compete with Class A teams. Losing to Riyadi on couple of occasions and getting dismantled against Sala only got things worse.

Fadi has proved time and time again that he is the core of his team and the one they look for every time they need a go-ahead bucket or to break a run. Sagesse need to limit his effect but can’t really find someone to match up with him. Patrick Bou Abboud might be the best option.

Down low, Homenetmen have the upper hand with Ater Majok and Dewayne Jackson filling the frontcourt. While Jackson might not be the traditional PF, he can still play the post and spread the defense with his outside shot. Bashir Ammoury is a good post up defender but is too slow to guard Jackson. If he wants to be as efficient as possible Jackson must improve his shot selection and drive more to the rim. As for Majok, he has an advantage over Todd Obrien. He is more physical, more mobile and dominant under the rim.

It’s a totally different story on the wings, where Sagesse have the upper hand. With Mike Efevberha playing at point he will face up with the taller, bigger, Kevin Galloway. Yet Mike proved to be the type of scorers who can take the forced shots, drive against a stronger defender and finish hard at the rim. Homenetmen’s biggest headache would be stopping Terrell Stoglin. With Nadim Souaid, Karam Mechref and Elie Chamoun, all good defenders, they might rotate but still allow Terrell to score 30+ points.

Homenetmen’s biggest weapon is their deep bench, a big rotation that can win them any game as Sagesse can only play 7-8 players at max.