Lebanese Basketball League-Preview : Sagesse vs Byblos

10 Feb.2017- After being demolished in round 2, Sagesse look to get revenge when they host a Rodrigue-less Byblos.

Sagesse went into the break on a high after defeating Mayrouba following a sensational performance from Mike Efevberha. They will look to get more from him if they wish to hand Byblos their 3rd loss. Both the Jbeili and Beiruti team are utilizing 2 guards and a big man instead of one guard and 2 centers. Something all Lebanese teams do to compensate for the lack of size but allows them to the run the floor faster and hit any defense before they get settled.

The duo Youngblood/Tucker has proved to be very efficient on offense but with Rodrigue and Ali Mahmoud out due to injury, Byblos’ foreign duo will find some trouble creating their shot specially with Jay playing at the point. Mike can be a pain in the neck when it comes to defending players, so a duel Efevberha-Youngblood might be blooming. As for Tucker, known for his shooting and his long range threes, a player like Sabah Khoury might be able to handle him as Tucker isn’t the kind of players who drives through the lane and absorbs contact on the run. As for Byblos, finding the right guy to defend Terell Stoglin will definitely cause them headaches. Starting with the energetic Tarek Ammoury can be somewhat a solution but he will surely need help, leaving some Sagesse players open at the weak side.

Down low, Ndudi Ebi will clash against Todd Obrien. Ebi showed he can be a threat anywhere on the court. His shooting and ability to move the ball from outside to the inside of the paint are mesmerizing for a player his size. Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee kind of stuff. With Ali Kanaan next to him, also able to spread the defense, Sagesse’s defense might be in for a fight. Both Bashir Ammoury and Patrick Bou Abboud will have to work hard to keep Ali and Ndudi at bay, boxing out is essential as second chance points always bend Sagesse‘s chance.

A win today is crucial for Sagesse as it will propel them to 6th place and fight for a spot at the middle of the table rather than a fight for survival in 1st division.