Lebanese Basketball League-Preview : Riyadi vs Hoops

28 Dec.2016- Riyadi host Hoops in Manara, later on today as the visitors look for their first win of the season.

It will be interesting to see which 3 imports Hoops will choose for this game. A trio of William Byrd, Ollie Bailey and Darrius Garett is the most expected, leaving underperforming Lamont Middleton out. Picking out this trio would be the best option as Hoops lack size against a tall Riyadi lineup. Guarding Aminu and Haidar down low will be challenging. 2 physical men who can spread the defense and take outside shots. Garett and co have their work cut out for them.


Newcomer Bailey will face up against Branko Cvetkovic. Still new to the league, Bailey his style of play is still unknown but playing at Sf he will have to take on Branko. If he isn’t fast enough, Branko will have an easy run, scoring at will as he can create his own shot or benefit from screens to drill three after three. On the defensive end, Riyadi can always rely on Jean Abed El Nour to keep any guy at bay. Ollie, you chose the wrong time to start your journey.

The most anticipated matchup will be between Wael Arakji and Ali Mezher. Both fast and great when running the floor and pushing for the fastbreak, they will find it difficult to guard each other. 2 young point guards who have a great vision of the court and worked a lot to improve their shooting. Wael may have an easier job as his team is built in a way to cover defensively for any player who slips up. Full court press, double-team and traps are sure to be applied.

With Jahmar Young probably out of the team, Amir Saoud has the golden chance to prove he is still one of the best shooting guards in our league. One of the best releases ever seen and great shooting abilities make him a threat anywhere on the floor. Hoops’ shooting guard is not a pushover neither. Izzat Kaissi is proving game after game that he can elevate his game to the level that might open the National Team’s door.

A David vs Goliath kind of game, but didn’t the giant loose at the end?