Lebanese Basketball League-Preview: Mouttahed vs Riyadi

06 Jan.2017- Mouttahed host Riyadi, later on today in a game that promises a lot of suspense.

Both teams need the W, Mouttahed who stand 9th in the league want to reconcile their fans and prove to their doubters that they can still stand face to face with the best in the game. As for Riyadi a win is very important so they can go into Sunday’s game against Homenetmen high on momentum and very much focused.


Both teams go into this game with a new import on their roster. Denzel Bowles is the new center for the Tripoli-based team as Ken Brown is Riyadi’s new guard. Few is known about these 2, we will have to wait and see what can they put to the table.

Mouttahed will be counting on the duo Spencer-Curry to open up spaces in Riyadi’s hard defense. Both of them can create their own shot and spread the defense with their long range and their ability to cut through the lanes. Most probably Jean Abed El Nour will be guarding Curry as Branko Cvetkovic takes on Spencer. Defensively, Riyadi proved to be working as a whole group. Switches on screens, closing gaps and traps all over the court, a defensive system.

For Mouttahed to be able to make an impact they need their underperforming Lebanese players to get back to form. Especially Omar Ayoubi and Charles Tabet. Both former NT players, they can make a huge difference in this team that is still counted as a contender to the title. With Elie Rustom managing to play his game, this bunch of players can hurt any team on their day.

As for Riyadi, their Lebanese trio of Amir, Wael and Ali has been making all the front pages. That’s what makes the Beiruti team so special. They can count on local players to make the change and turn around any game. With Ismael Ahmad also coming off the bench, Mouttahed might face troubles under the rim with Alade Aminu and Ali Haidar pounding them hard and Ismael coming on to back them up.

In a game that promises a lot of back and forth, we expect nothing but beautiful ball.