Lebanese Basketball League-Preview: Mayrouba vs Louaize

03 Jan.2017– Mayrouba host Louaize on Tuesday night, hoping to get their third win of the season.

Mayrouba have been hit with a big blow having Calvin Cage sidelined. With Anati out of the game, they need someone to step up. Albert Zainoun may have more time on the court and he may seize this opportunity to show off his skills. He had 7 points, 8 assists, 7 rebounds and 4 steals in the last game. It’s your time to shine young gun.


Offensively Louaize have more options. Having Geron Johnson who pushes on the break is a big plus. Unstoppable when he gets running, physical, fast and one heck of a finish at the rim, he is a threat to any defense. He might run riot tonight as most of Mayrouba’s men can’t handle. Either slower on the run or less physical than him, Geron is the guy to put on a show tonight. Filling up the backcourt is Elie Stephan. One of the best SG this year in our league. Great shooting and long range make him a threat anywhere on the floor.

Mayrouba will count on Robert Upshaw and John Bohannon to control the lower area. Upshaw has some advantage down low over Lewis, he is more physical and dominant. But Louaize’s defense works in a group manner, no man to man confrontation for long times. Mckie could help with double teams on the sides of the court, but this could free up Bohannon who should take advantage of the weak side to score valuable points.

We’re still waiting to see what Isiah Umipig can offer to the table. A good scorer, slasher and with great vision that allows him to find his teammates at the right place and at the right time. Miguel Martinez, you’re up man. With some good defense last game against Stoglin for some time, he might be the guy to give Umipig the worst start to his journey.