Lebanese Basketball League-Preview : Louaize vs Tadamon

16 Dec.2016 – High-flying Louaize host electrifying Tadamon in a not-to-miss game.

Louaize proved to be a strong team not to be underestimated as they humbled Riyadi last time at home.

Their main man, Geron Johnson must be stopped if Tadamon have any chance of winning. Yes, it’s a team sport but boy can this man play. Unstoppable when he runs the floor, his speed and agility paired with great ball-handling make him a threat to any team. He might be too strong for Jad Khalil or Earvin Morris to stop him and too quick for Bilal Tabara. It will be a team quest to stop him. Talking about Jad and Earvin, this duo is as fast as it comes when they push on the fastbreak, a weapon they used greatly against Champville.


Tadamon defensive tasks aren’t restricted to Johnson only. They will have to hold off Wendell Louis. He definitely has an advantage down low over Jonathan Holton. Size and speed he can dominate the rim. Maurice Kemp has his hands full when he faces Travis McKie. Different styles of play but both very effective. Kemp relies more on speed and athletism. Travis, on the other hand, counts on his shooting and physical presence to score.

Louaize have acquired a new offensive weapon this season. Signing Elie Stephan was a great move. Rejuvinated, he has become a threat from the three-point line. From Tadamon stand-point another player has been dropping shots from way beyond the line. Rony Fahed, a name engraved in Lebanese basketball history, has been a great leader to this young and hungry Tadamon side. His scoring abilities and great experience have helped Tadamon shape up into a contender.