Lebanese Basketball League-Preview : Louaize vs Riyadi

13 Dec.2016– Louaize aim to continue their winning streak when they host champions Riyadi on Tuesday night.

This year’s games are unpredictable, to say the least. Losing to Champville in their opening game, Riyadi got back to track with a resounding win against Mayrouba. Their task tonight won’t be easy as Geron and co are not to be underestimated.

Talking about Geron, this guy is unpredictable. One of the most energetic players that ever played in the region. Not quite known for his shooting, he clearly had time to work on it and is now able to hit threes and mid-range shots more at ease. His finish at the rim is exceptional, lightning speed and great ball handling get the job done. Jahmar Young should be the man guarding him as his defensive duties are the reason he replaced Spencer.

Branko Cvetkovic, on the other hand, was chosen to be part of this team because he can score at will. Great classical shooter, knows how to use picks and position himself greatly on the floor to free himself up. He didn’t prove himself till now and the yellow fans are demanding more. On the contrary, Alade Aminu took his chance and shut his critics down with a phenomenal performance against Mayrouba. Today he will be facing one of the most efficient centers in our game, Wendell Lewis. Physical with great post moves, Lewis can even stretch the defense and take his shots away from the basket. Luckily for Riyadi, Aminu is fast and agile enough to compete with him.

Geron is not the only threat Riyadi should be worry about. Elie Stephan has been playing great basketball,  18 points with 4/7 from downtown in his last game. He seems to be rejuvenated and at the right time for Louaize. Riyadi have a shooter of their own in Amir Saoud. Clever on the court and great decision making this guy can cause a lot of harm to any defense. As well as Wael Arakji who has shown to be the king of the open court. Unstoppable when he gets running and a smooth left-hand finish seals the deal. For Louaize, Miguel Martinez could be the guy to stop Wael. He is as fast and energetic. His only down point is that he should participate more on the offensive end. Only 3 field goal attempts in his last game, he can make the difference.

The final matchup to look out for is the one between Ali Haidar are Travis Mcgee. Both players can play the same style of basketball. They can play the post as well as taking the outside shot. But Ali proved to be more efficient on the defensive end and might have a bit of an advantage.