Lebanese Basketball League- Preview: Hoops vs Sagesse

12 Feb.2017- After an amazing game in round 3, when Sagesse overcame Hoops by only 2 points, we can surely anticipate a close game today.

Things are clearly different now; Hoops are getting back on track after a disastrous start to the season with Sagesse also shaking things up with the acquisition of new imports. Mikel Efevberha’s presence has been surely noted. Explosive, fast, great shooter, and ball handler, he took the heat off Terrell Stoglin and gave him more space to operate. This dynamic duo caused many problems to Mayrouba and Byblos’ defense in previous games and Hoops must be alerted. Izzat Kaissi and Omar Kaissi will be given the task to try and disrupt this combo of talented guards.

Offensively Hoops are counting a lot on Ali Mezher to keep things flowing so by cutting him from the team, Sagesse would be halfway to victory. This is easier said than done, keep in mind that Ali is one of the fastest players in the league: Great vision and anticipation make him a pain to guard. His exquisite passing abilities may cause Sagesse even more problems, with Vladan having size advantage over Todd Obrien, finding him down low is a card they will surely use. With Bashir Ammoury and Patrick Bou Abboud, Sagesse may close the gap down low and deny Hoops second chance opportunities, something that has hit them often and often again.

While Vladan is double teamed down low, eyes must be kept on Omar Thomas who can go off at any time. He can shoot the trey or drive through the lanes. Now with Garrett out due to injury and Hoops maybe playing with 2 imports, pressure will surely build up on Thomas to take the reigns. Probably players like Sabah Khoury might be introduced in the zone defense often played by coach Fouad to limit Hoop’s shooting threats and might take on players like Thomas one on one.

It surely will be a game to watch as both teams are trying to escape the drop zone. It’s do or die for both of them.