Lebanese Basketball League- Preview : Homenetmen vs Tadamon

08 Dec.2016– In a much-anticipated game, Homenetmen will host Tadamon on Friday afternoon.

Homenetmen started their campaign with a tough win against a tenacious Louaizethanks to a phenomenal fourth quarter performance from Fadi El Khatib. Tadamon might find it tough to guard him as match-ups aren’t really obvious. Bilal Tabara  guarded him previously and did a relatively good job. Keep in mind that one man can’t guard Fadi without help throughout the game. Or even stop triple double hero Galloway.


Homenetmen showed some recklessness in their last game, taking a lot of three-pointers, forced shots and numerous turnovers. This time around, identical mistakes would cost them a lot, against a team that likes to run as much as they do and even more. With the likes of Earvin Morris and Jad Khalil leading the break, Tadamon are scary. When they like the tempo of the game, they feed off your mistakes and with tough defense, they can make you pay. A triple-double alert every game, Jad Khalil is filling the stat sheet (11/7/7 last game), and may be the key to this offense. No better than Sevag Ketenjian to try and stop him with similar speed and enthusiasm.

For the first time, Hoho could be better off without their usual kind of game. Playing slow tempo basketball could be in their favor as they have size advantage. Majok could easily dominate Jonathan Holton. With height and power on his side, he can score those easy buckets. Alongside him is Dewayne Jackson, who is fast on his feet and can post up with Kemp and Hadidian, the potential men that can guard him. Hoho might control the basket as Ali Fakher El Din has work to do coming off the bench.

Talking about coming off the bench, Haig proved to be the missing piece of this team. Always energized, able to spread the defense with great range, and ability to drive the basket. He has size advantage on small guards and speed over the larger ones. A valuable add to any team. If you think these are their only offensive weapons, you got other things coming. Nadim Souaid is regarded as one the best shooting guards in our league and with a good performance in the opening game, he is not to be stopped.