Lebanese Basketball League- Preview : Homenetmen vs Sagesse

17 Dec.2016– Homenetmen host Sagesse in the orange hell hoping they continue their perfect start of the season.

Homenetmen have shown that they mean business this year. The addition of Fadi El Khatib gave them more depth to the team, great experience, and tons of skills. Known as maybe the greatest player to ever play this game, Fadi is a game changer every time he’s on court. Sagesse will have a tough task guarding him as both Patrick Bou Abboud and Bashir Amoury won’t face up well against him. Physical and still fast on his feet, Fadi could take advantage of Sagesse’s slow defense to play down low, attract the defense and give more space for Ator Majok to control the rim.

Homenetmen have a great size advantage. Having 6 foot 7 point guard in Kevin Galloway is a big advantage. Physical, fast and athletic, Galloway can create his own opportunities as well as finding his teammates. 2 triple-doubles in his opening 3 games! Not bad at all. Mohamad Ibrahim has a tough task today. Ibrahim needs to step up his game. 2 points in 3 games, Sagesse need more from his to be able to avoid relegation or even get up in the standing.


From a defensive point of view, Homenetmen need to find a solution to stop Terrell Stoglin. What’s the deal with this guy ? Is it going to be Nadim Souaid, Karam Mechref or Elie Chamoun, they can take roles can one on one he can’t be stopped. Traps are surely placed to deny him.

Homenetmen have a clear advantage as they have a deeper bench with Haig and Sevag coming fresh and can tilt the balance in their team’s favor. Sagesse may be counting on Ivan Johnson to spare their blushes as this guy promises to be a revelation in this league.