Lebanese Basketball League- Preview: Homenetmen vs Mouttahed

14 Feb.2017- In round 3, Kevin Galloway’s triple-double performance gave Homenetmen the edge over Mouttahed to take a 99-92 victory. Therefore, Mouttahed will look for revenge on Wednesday night.

Mouttahed will be glad to know that Homenetmen’s fans will be banned from entering the stadium knowing that those fanatic fans are their team’s secret weapon and sixth player on the floor.

Coach Abaz will have a difficult job containing the firepower of Fadi El Khatib and co. A huge talented roster that can find gaps in any defense. Playing zone against shooters like Nadim Souaid, Elie Chamoun and Dewayne Jackson could cost you dearly. And playing man to man against Fadi El Khatib and Kevin Galloway will open up spaces and double teams will leave open players at the other hand. Mouttahed can play a very physical and harsh defense, the kind that forces to make TOs. Their full-court press might be the solution for Homenetmen’s run gun offense. It’s important to keep a close eye on Fadi as he has been his team’s dynamo, showing us shades of his old self. With Elie Rustom and Omar Ayoubi, coach Abaz has the right men to take on this job.

Homenetmen’s defensive tasks are not easier at all. With the likes of Ramel Curry and Dewarick Spencer filling up the backcourt, defenders better come prepared for work. Both of them can create his own shot, whether off the dribble or using the pick. Long range and great ball handling make them a threat anywhere on the court. Nadim Souaid, Elie Chamoun and maybe Karam Mechref will have the task of limiting both these great scorers. And as the Dubai tournament is getting closer, coach Joe might feel the need to involve his bench with Sevag Ketenjian and Hayg Gyokchyan ready to step up.

Down low, Charles Tabet will find things difficult as he will take on Ater Majok. Ater is a physical, athletic player who can clean up the boards very well. With Melvin Cleveland probably out due to injury, Charles could find himself alone facing Ater, Dewayne and Fadi. Nonetheless, with Marwan Ziade back to form, Mouttahed can breathe again knowing they can count on him to secure the basket. If Mouttahed have any chance of winning they need 110% from their locals. Rustom, Akl and Ayoubi better be ready to step up.