Lebanese Basketball League- Preview: Champville vs Tadamon

17 Feb.2017- Dik El Mehde will witness today a hard battle between Champville and Tadamon as both teams aim to get up the ladder.

Champville have been dealt a big blow after many management setbacks with their president resigning. Things are not going well with the Blue Nation, losing to Louaize in the dying minutes after leading by as much as 15 in their last game. Mentally, players are disphased thinking about many things except basketball.

Tadamon are heading into this game hoping to clinch their sixth win of the season. Jad Khalil has been leading the lines very well. Leading the league 7.72 assists/pg, Champville must stop their ex-PG if they want to break the Red Warrior’s flow. With John Assi and Youssef Ghantous underperforming, Mazen Mneimneh has to step up and give extra solutions for his struggling team. As for Patrick Rembert he has been the engine of his team, the go-to guy that can create and feed his teammates. Coach Caughter must find a way to limit him as much as possible. Earvin Morris would probably be the guy to face off with Rembert. Faster, more athletic and taller, Morris might be the right choice.

Down low, Maurice Kemp and MJ Rhett will face off with Darien Towns and Bassel Bawji. Towns has a bit of an advantage over his opponents. Taller and bigger, he can definitely play the post and score easy buckets under the rim. Even if double teamed, Towns can find the open man on the weak side. Either Bassel Bawji or Brandon Thomas who can both spread the defense and take the outside shot. As well as driving the lane and absorb the contact.

Keep a close eye on players coming off the bench, with the likes of Gerard Hadiddian and Ali Fakheredine that can easily affect a game. Not to forget about Rony Fahed, a great shooter and playmaker who utilizes his experience to turn every situation in his favor.

As for Champville, their bench needs to step up if they hope to win any game from now on.