Lebanese Basketball League-Preview: Champville vs Sagesse

04 Mar.2017- Dik El Mehdi is set to host what is supposed to be the edgiest game of the season.

Both teams want to escape the red zone and a win today for either one of them would highly rescue their season.

Champville are putting high hopes on newcomer Markieth Cummings to turn their season around. Wearing the white and blue jersey for the first time, Cummings is probably replacing Brandon Thomas. As it seems, Cummings is a great scorer who can create his own shot, open up spaces and score in traffic. In their turn, Sagesse also has a new signing they might reveal for the first time today in Kenny Adeleke. Is he the solution to their rebounding and defending the rim problems? Only time will tell.

Talking about problems under the rim, Darrien Towns is Sagesse’s biggest threat. Whoever guards him today will surely find it hard to limit his contribution. He is a great low post player, physical and smart as he can shift the ball easily to the weak side when the double team comes. Great passing and good shooting abilities make him a threat even if pushed away from the basket. Leading the league with 13.1 rebounds and second in blocked shots with 2.84, Towns is Champville’s go to guy today. Bashir Ammoury must give 110% today as he is definetily the guy pushd to help on defense. While all the attention is directed towards Towns, Bawji has the chance to shine, as Towns can create space for him to move and score down low. Add to that Bassel’s ability to spread the defense, Patrick Bou Abboud has his work cut out for him.

As for Champville their headaches are caused by noneother than Terell Stoglin. With Mazen Mneimneh underperforming, Ali Farhat might be the guy to dance with Terell. Stoglin is a phenomenon who can turn the game around at any time so don’t expect anyone to stop him from scoring 25+. As for Champville, they can count on Patrick Rembert to stack up the numbers. His matchup with Mike Efevberha will be one to watch as both these guards are natural scorers with great range and unique basketball abilities. Not to forget about Mohammad Ibrahim who seems to have regained his touch, Champville’s backcourt is in it for a fight.

The game is going down to the wire with the team playing better defense taking the node.