Lebanese Basketball League-Preview: Champville vs Riyadi

30 Mar.2017– Defending Champions Riyadi visit Dik El Mehdi as they vow to extend their winning streak.

Riyadi mixed things up by adding Edgar Sosa to their roster. Sosa previously replaced Ken Brown in their game against Tadamon, same is expected in this game. Sosa is a pure born scorer that can find gaps in the defense, create his own shot, and take advantage of any space to operate. While Arakji remains on the sidelines, Sosa will carry most of the burden to create offensively and keep things moving. Coach Sarkis might depend on Ali Farhat to pressure him and cut him from the team. Easier said than done.

While all eyes are on Sosa, never forget that Riaydi can hit you with their prince releasing 3 after 3. Sosa might force the defenders to double him as he drives the lane, forcing the defense to close on him, especially if Sarkis decides to play zone defense. Waiting on the weak side will be Amir, ready to splash the three. Against a team that can play by the three point line like Riyadi, Champville better play man to man specially that they have the size to do so. Rembert must work on both sides of the floor. Defensively he must help his teammates, one week link against Riyadi will mean that they will knock the door open and use this pathway to hurt you. On offense, Rembert is known for his great touch, shooting and first step attacking the basket. He should be patient today as the yellows often play harsh defense that frustrates the opponents pushing them to take the forced shots. Then they move quickly from defense to offense with Sosa leading the break and Amir on the wings.

Known for his exeptional defensive abilities, Jean Abdel Nour is in for a fight as he takes on Markieth Cummings. Athletic, fast, strong and versatile, Cummings will put Jean to the test. Markieth can play outside in. His ability to shoot the deep three doesn’t hide his great vision to find teammates in better positions or his capacity to drive the lane and finish strong at the rim. One big fight to keep an eye on. If Jean manages to keep him at bay, it’s practically game over.

Down low, Riyadi depend on Alade Aminu and Ali Haidar to control Darien Townes. One on one, Townes has an advantage on both of them. Stronger than Aminu and bigger than Haidar, Champville must look for their big guy down low. Although Ali is one of the best defenders in the league, Towns remains one of the best centers that can play the post and finish nicely his hook shots. Doubling him will be necessary, not with 2 big guys but rather with one big and a guard. This is because Bassel Bawji can’t be underestimated too. His long range and versatile play will keep Ali focused. Bassel can spread the defense, but must focus today on pounding the basket and limit his shooting. Riyadi will definitely depend on Ismael Ahmad to relieve the pressure off Aminu and Haidar as Ismael has still some defensive presence and strong play.

A game to watch as Riyadi want to revenge their opening season loss in Dik El Mehdi.