Lebanese Basketball League – Preview : Champville vs Mouttahed

15 Dec.2016– Champville eye their second win of the season when they host Mouttahed on Friday afternoon.

After 2 consecutive losses, alarms sounded in Dik El Mehdi. The team is not well. Players are not fighting for every ball like they did against Riyadi. Many turnovers and selfish plays. Players are not cooperating and playing as a unit. Their main guy Patrick Rembert is  showing that he is one of the best scorers in our league. He can create his own shot as well as cut to the basket. His speed and agility will surely cause defensive problems for Mouttahed. Ralph Akl will surely need help to contain him. Champville will also count on Brandon Thomas to take control of the game. A great shooter and an awesome vision of the court, Thomas knows when and where to be. Experience is his middle name, calm and steady on-court he is definitely a threat to any defense.


From the Lebanese players standpoint, Bassel and Mazen should step up and count on themselves to propel this team to victory. Imports can’t do it on their own. This goes also for Charles Tabet and Omar Ayoubi. Practically absent in the opening of the season. This team needs them if they hope to progress to advanced stages of the game. On the other hand, some players are making the best out of their time, Karl Assi is doing great every time he comes in the game. Great vision and a big heart to tackle the biggest of defenders, this guy can go far. More established players like Elie Rustom are showing us what they are made of. Yet he can surely be more productive.

Mouttahed have not yet found their best mix of foreigners. Curry and Spencer are not gelling together as well as we had expected. Although both of them are great players and amazing shooters, it seems one is stepping on the other’s foot. Till now, synchronization is absent and one needs to go if they continue like that. For Will Daniels, it’s a different story. He’s playing well and controlling the low post area and his teammates are making the best out of his presence down low. Contrary to what Champville players are doing. They aren’t finding Towns as much as they should. Often open against Tadamon and with a clear size advantage, he wasn’t given the ball enough. Find him down low and you will find out it’s the correct choice.