Lebanese Basketball League-Preview : Champville vs Mayrouba

26 Dec.2016 Champville host Mayrouba on Monday night hoping to stop this 4 game losing streak.

Both teams haven’t been performing quite well and this game will be a leverage for one of them over the other.

Champville have started the season with a bang, knocking down Riyadi. But since then, they didn’t look the same. Their Lebanese players are playing their worst basketball. Bassel Bawji and Mazen Mneimneh are half the players we were used to. Inconsistent and playing without passion and love for the game, they must get up on their feet if they wish to escape relegation and get back on track.


Both teams are relying solely on their guard to score most of the points. Patrick Rembert is taking all the decisions at Champville as Calvin Cage leads his team the way he wishes. A bit understandable for Cage to take things into his own hands, as the newly promoted Mayrouba have no star or experienced player able to make the difference. On the other hand, coach Ghassan needs to find a way to involve all his players as Rembert can take on so much. He has the weapons to aid Patrick as Brandon Thomas and others can be a threat anywhere on the court. Even players like Ali Farhat and Karl Assi are making a statement every time they are given the chance to shine.

Down low Robert Upshaw and John Bohannon will take on Bassel Bawji and Darien Towns. Bassel on Bohannon will be nice to see. Both fast on their feet and with good range on their shots, they can play similar style of basketball. Towns and Upshaw will bump bodies and fight for dominance as both big guys can get physical.