Lebanese Basketball League-Preview: Champville vs Hoops

09 Jan.2017Champville host broken Hoops, eyeing their third win after a series of bad results.

A disappointing performance against Byblos triggered alarming bells in Dik El Mehdi. Champville are not playing as a team, players are not looking for each other on the court. No clear systems, foolish plays and an even worse defense.


Things are not better at Hoops, 0 wins and even worse performances. If it wasn’t for Ali Mezher and Izzat Kaissi, things would be disastrous. Both these young men are giving their all on the court. Their speed would be crucial against a slow Champville defense. Running on the break with Omar Thomas on their side is going to be vital if they have any chance of winning. Here is where Brandon Thomas should step in to limit Omar. Giving Omar space is a bad decision as he proved to be a good shooter and a good slasher.

Down low, the introduction of Vladan Vukosavljevic is going to be beneficial to the squad. Size was lacking in this team, with Vladan probably lining up with Darius Garett, as Ollie Bailey is giving the worst performance of his life, will cause Champville a lot of problems. Darien Towns and Bassel Bawji have their work cut out for them. 2 physical, strong adversaries who know how to play the post is nothing to take easily. Limiting Hoops’ second chance is essential if Towns and co want to stay in the game.

Offensively, the home team hope to have Patrick Rembert at his best, as he can elevate his teammates’ performance when he feels the game. A great scorer who can spread the defense with his great shooting and slicing abilities, guards next to him like Ali Farhat or Mazen Mneimneh will find space to move and open shots to drill.

A crucial game for both sides, it’s do or die, so we’ll probably see a hungry wolfpack facing a focused Hoops side.