Lebanese Basketball League- Preview : Byblos vs Sagesse

07 Dec. 2016 – Byblos host Sagesse on Thursday afternoon as Rodrigue faces former teammates.

Byblos have shown that they are in it to win it. A beautiful display of Basketball to clinch the win against Mouttahed in OT. Former Sagesse PG Rodrigue Akl has surfaced up again to prove that he is one of the best at his position. Alongside him will be versatile Guard Jay Youngblood. Both of them can punish Sagesse’s defense with the fast tempo game they could conduct as the greens’ transition defense needs to be improved.

Mohamad Ibrahim and Joe Ghattas will have the task of holding off Byblos’ wings as they are the facilitators, creators, and scorers of this team. The Jbeili backcourt is completed with Clay Tucker at SF. A great shooter, slasher, and a resourceful  player, few can guard him or limit his production. As matchups aren’t going Sagesse’s way, coach Abou Chacra might play zone defense for most of the game. A gamble he could take with shooters like Clay, Jay and Omar Turk in the team. Not to forget that Ali Mahmoud is back in the squad, and can hit an open three.

Talking about threes and shooters, we can’t but mention Terrell Stoglin. Known to be one of the best scorers in the league, eyes are on him to lead his team to victory. Nonetheless, his decision-making could be better. Forced shots and excessive dribbling are his only down points. Not to forget about Sabah Khoury who did contribute greatly in his last game. On the other side, Byblos can count on Tarek Ammoury on producing off the bench  and keeping the fast rhythm which Sagesse can’t keep up with.

Down low Byblos might have a slight advantage as Ndudi Ebi will take on Ratko Varda. Ebi has age, speed and stamina on his side as Varda might be playing his last game in green. Bashir Ammoury and Joe Abi Kheres will have a fierce battle to limit second chance points which hurt Sagesse greatly last time.

With Sagesse changing imports soon, the team identity is definitely changing as the it needs revitalization.