Lebanese Basketball League- Preview: Byblos vs Hoops

20 Dec.2016– Hoops visit Jbeil today hoping to come back with their first win of the season.

Hoops have started their campaign in the worst way possible. Losing their first 4 games, things are not well in Antelias. On the other hand, Byblos have come out strong and their only loss till now came in OT against defending champions Riyadi.


Hoops’ only lifeline in recent games was Ali Mezher. Playing his best basketball since he first went pro. Unstoppable when he runs the floor and a great finish at the rim have made him a threat to every defense. His shooting abilities have developed by a long shot and have made him an all around PG. Not forgetting to involve his teammates throughout the game.

Hoops’ shaky defense will have a lot of trouble holding off Clay Tucker, one of the best shooters in this league, and Jay Youngblood. Izzat Kaissi may have the task of defending the latter as Omar Kaissi and Khalil Aoun must keep an eye on Clay. Don’t forget about Rodrigue Akl who’s the core of every Byblos attack. This guy took the rust away and is showing us shades of his old self. Stopping him means slowing the Jbeili team’s attack.

Down low Darius Garrett has in front of him Ndudi Ebi. A tough adversary who can spread the defense, take outside shots and play the post at the same time. Athletic and fast, Ebi will definitely cause problems down low as he is coupled up with either Ali Kanaan or Joe Abi Kheres.

While waiting to see the impact of the new coach and the contribution of Omar Thomas this game might be going in one way while Byblos should remain focused as slacking off could cost them the game.