Lebanese Basketball League – The strong Louaize team defeated by the Orange Team

11 Jan. 2016 – The strong Louaize squad was defeated by the Orange Team, Homenetmen in a very exciting game that ended in 74 to 70!

Homentmen point guard, Sevag KETENJIAN, decided not to follow the doctor’s recommendations to rest and chose to help his team win this game!

Lebanese Basketball – Round 1: Stats Comparison between Lebanese and Import Players

Louaize is having some difficulties in the beginning of the league; this is their third defeat over three games! They had two injured players which affected the team but they are showing great performances as they only lost by a small margin.

On the other hand, Riyadi won over Hoops in a big margin: 92-69!

Louaizeh Vs Homentmen

Riyadi vs Hoops