Lebanese Basketball League 2016-2017 Season Awards

26 May.2017– After a dramatic end to the season here are your 2016-2017 awards.

Rookie of the year:

After an exceptional year with Tadamon, Gerard Hadidian is our choice. His incredible plays at both ends of the court make him a versatile player that promises a great future. Let’s hope he lives up to the hype as he is regarded as the next Ali Haidar.


Most Improved Player:

This one was very hard, so many candidates, but there had to be one. Tarek Ammoury is our MIP for this season. He stepped up when his team needed him most after several injuries to Akl and Jay. His absence was felt in the series against Riyadi as his team struggled to find their way to the bucket.


Defensive Player of the Year:

The easiest decision ever, as easy as taking candy from a baby. Jean Abdel Nour is by far the best defender in the game and maybe the best ever. His defensive presence, hustle, and heart make him an unpenetrable wall. His timing and high IQ are unparalleled, making him one of the deadliest weapons on court. You can just ask anyone who has been guarded by capiJano.


Sixth Man of the Year:

Every contender must have a deep bench which allows him to keep pushing all season long, you must keep your foot on the gas. Homenetmen were lucky to have a player like Elie Chamoun coming on as their sixth man. A lock down defender, a great shooter and one hell of a hustler on both sides of the court. He boosts his team every time he’s introduced into a game, a great season which promises a lot more from the youngster.


Regular Season Most Valuable Player:

I don’t think we must talk much about this guy, his name speaks for itself. Fadi El Khatib, you’re a legend of this game, and this season was nothing but an emphasis that we will not witness a phenomenon like you in the coming years, at least not in the near future. MVP no doubts.


Finals Most Valuable Player:

Once you reach the finals, you must be prepared for anything. It’s a whole new atmosphere. Not any player is up to it. Unfortunately, Fadi got injured and wasn’t able to continue the series. Alade Aminu saw an opportunity and he took it. He was the turning point in this series. Playing a pivotal role in defending Dwayne Jackson and dominating the low area as Majok could not control him. Very mobile and fast, Aminu was causing troubles everywhere. His best showings came at the right time.