Lebanese Basketball – Who are the Leading Foreign Players Statistically Speaking?

20 Mar. 2017 – In a league of 3 foreign players per team, the duty given to the foreign players is much bigger than that of Lebanese players in the majority of teams.

Throughout the season, many imports did not fit the bill with their team and have been changed. Of those who are still playing, here are the top 5 in each statistic.


01. Terrel Stoglin (Sagesse) 33.6 points per game
02. Dewayne Jackson (Homenetmen) 25.6 points per game
03. Emmanuel Jones (Mayrouba) 24.8 points per game
04. Geron Johnson (Louaize) 24.7 points per game
05. Patrick Rembert (Champville) 23.8 points per game


01. Darian Townes (Champville) 13.3 rebounds per game
02. Robert Upshaw (Mayrouba) 11.7 rebounds per game
03. Ater Majok (Homenetmen) 1.3 rebounds per game
04. Cleveland Melvin (Moutahed) 10.3 rebounds per game
05. Alade Aminu (Riyadi) 9.68 rebounds per game


01. Kevin Galloway (Homenetmen) 8.06 assists per game
02. Geron Johnson (Louaize) 6.56 assists per game
03. Patrick Rembert (Champville) 5.93 assists per game
04. Michael Efevberha (Sagesse) 5.28 assists per game
05. Ken Brown (Riyadi) 5.1 assist per game


01. Robert Upshaw (Mayrouba) 3.81 blocks per game
02. Ater Majok (Homenetmen) 2.56 blocks per game
03. Darian Townes (Champville) 2.47 blocks per game
04. Alade Aminu (Riyadi) 1.43 blocks per game
05. Wendell Lewis (Louaize) 1.11 blocks per game


01. Geron Johnson (Louaize) 2.56 steals per game
02. Dewayne Jackson (Homenetmen) 2.5 steals per game
03. Kevin Galloway (Homenetmen) 2.18 steals per game
04. Omar Thomas (Hoops) 1.91 steals per game
05. Maurice Kemp (Tadamon) 1.87 steals per game