Lebanese Basketball: Homenetmen VS Champville Game 2

21 Apr. 2017- The first game of the Homenetmen VS Champville series ended in the favor of the regular season’s Champions Homenetmen. Joe Moujaes’ guys managed to dominate the game from the start and scored a big win.

The second game was different as Champville were able to lead Homenetmen by 3points in the first quarter 17-14 and extend the lead to 7 points at halftime – Champville 40-33 Homenetmen.

The best scorer of the first half was no one else but the top scorer of the league, Tiger Fadi El Khatib with 16 points.

The second half was promising and we were looking to see how Ghassan Sarkis will maintain his team’s lead and if he’s able to grab a very important win against Homenetmen.


The 3rd quarter ended in Champville’s favor too, but Homenetmen made a huge comeback and were down by 2 only (58-56).

The 4th quarter was the last chance for the Orange team to come from behind and lead the series 2-0. Joe Moujaes’ men are now one step away from the final 4.

As usual, words fall short when it comes to Fadi who scored 33 points coupled with 4 rebounds and 1 assist, not to forget Kevin Galloway’s double double scoring 19 points and 10 assists.

As for Champville, Orton’s foul trouble affected their performance, and his double double was not enough (19points and 10 rebounds), as well as Rembert’s 21 points.

Furthermore, Ali Farhat’ 3s are what kept Champville in the game in the last Quarter scoring 11 points coupled with 4 rebounds.

Finally, congrats Homenetmen and hard luck Champville.