Lebanese Basketball Final 4 Schedule Released

03 May. 2017 – Mouttahed will face Homenetmen, after winning game 5 yesterday, and Riyadi will play Byblos in the final 4 series.

However, the final 4 series system is different this year, where one team from each series must win 3 games out of 5 to make it to the finals, unlike last year where they played 4 games out of 7.

The semi-finals will kick off on Friday, and Riyadi will host Byblos at 5:30, then game 2 will take place on Sunday the 7th, in Byblos.

As for Homenetmen, they will play Mouttahed in Mezher on saturday the 6th of May at 5 pm.

Good luck to all the semi finalists.