Lebanese Basketball Division 2: Amchit vs Tebnin

10 Feb. 2017- A game was held yesterday at 9.30 pm between Amchit and Tebnin, in Amchit.

Tebnin had the upper hand in this clash and managed to grab an important win (78-73).  The first half ended in Amchit’s favor 41-33, and it was not an easy task for these youngsters to close the gap, and come back to the game. But Tebnin’s tough defense helped the team take back the lead.

Ramzi Arakji  pulled off a great performance and had 13 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, in addition to his strong defense. His points were crucial as most of them came late in the second half.

Moreover, Ali Mansour, once again, brought his A Game with 25 points, and led his team to grab the win. Not to forget Wael Mansour’s great leadership who helped them win this clash.

It is worth mentioning that another close game took place yesterday between Antranik and Army, where Antranik grabbed a very tough win (66-65). Hadath grabbed an easy win against Aamal Bikfaya the day before (83-38).

All these teams will be fighting to clinch their spot in the division 1.