Lebanese Basketball – Deshawn Sims Officially Joins Champville

06 Mar. 2015 – After letting go of Mohamed Kone at the beginning of the season and his replacement Kevin Pinkney due to the players below average performances, Champville have recruited a player who previously excelled in the Lebanese championship with Sagesse, Deshawn Sims.

While many thought that Champville would sign a center following the release of Kevin Pinkney, coach Ghassan surprised everyone by bringing back Sims to the Lebanese championship, although he is a power forward.

Nevertheless, if Sims proves to be the same player he was in Lebanon 2 years ago, he will definitely upgrade the level of the team, and help them reach the final 4.

Deshawn will arrive on the 13th of March to join the team, and Herbert Hill, Amchit’s former player will be playing with Champville until Sims arrives.