Lebanese Basketball Cup: A Small Illustration of the Country

Nohad Nawfal Stadium hosted the Lebanese Cup Final. Thousands of fans gathered to watch this game, but since we live in a country where we don’t accept defeat, the expected happened.

Yes! A clash between the two fan bases was more than expected, but at least at the end of the game not in the beginning. The game got interrupted several times, from the very beginning. The atmosphere was tensed, and fans were not representing their teams, but their political and religious backgrounds.

It was a perfect illustration of our country. Two fan bases, full of hatred, focusing on insulting the other, throwing bottles whenever they felt their team was trailing behind.

What a beautiful picture to see fans from both sides gathered in the same stadium to watch the game they love, but what a shame to see the obsolete mindset some of them still have.

What do you think should be done in order to reduce such chaos? Is Banning the away fans the solution? Or banning the people causing this chaos, and we all know very well who they are, from entering all the courts?