Lebanese Basketball: Partisan’s coach training in Lebanon!

07 Sep. 2015- In Lebanon, the end of May usually signals the end of the basketball season. Therefore, players take around a month off right after the end, before getting started with off season workouts.

Off season is a core part of the players career, as the percentage of improvement they will go through is usually determined by the intensity and type of workouts during that time. Unfortunately, Lebanon lacks the type of coaches who can privately work with small groups or individual players. The people who can provide that are leaning towards organising large camps for youngsters, amateurs and professionals. As a result, Lebanese professional players are forced to attend training camps outside Lebanon, for a period of 2 to 3 weeks that end up costing them between 3000 and 5000$.

This summer though, coach Mladen Manojlovic, one of the highly ranked European coaches who finished second in the Women Basketball League in Serbia with Partisan Belgrade and won the Youngsters Women Euro league with UOR Gomelsky, was invited through Gilbert Nasr to Lebanon and worked with a group of 3 players. This group consisted of Tanguy Osman, Jean Marc Jarrouge and Oumaya Osman, three Mouttahed players who benefited from 2 training sessions per day for 1 month with coach Mladen. The coach was very impressed with the players and their development, stating that Tanguy is a skilled and aggressive player who is going to have a big future. Nevertheless, these players were not the only ones Manojlovic coached. He also had the chance to work with Rebecca Akl, and was surprised by her style of play saying that he never expected to find such a big talent in Lebanon. He added that she could easily fit in the European league and that the problem in Lebanon is the absence of long-term plans that allow players development.

Here’s a short video from the training:


Next summer, a larger number of foreign coaches, 5 to 6 approximatively are going to come in Lebanon and work with small groups just like coach Mladen, in hopes of helping young and talented Lebanese basketball players!