Lebanese Basketball: 2 Foreigners Per Team

On Friday October 3, the managing committee of the Lebanese basketball federation, organized a meeting, in which the decision of number of foreigners per team was decided.

In the meeting, the discussion was about what was said during the workshop.

There were some rules and regulations that needed to be changed, and that is why the federation decided creating a legal committee, that will represent the whole basketball family in Lebanon, and work on making the game much better.

Moreover, the importance of group ages was stretched, and the championship of all the under 18 groups are going to be well taken care of, since these young players are the future of the national team.

Also, the national team has been declared a priority, since it represents Lebanon across the world, and reflects the image of our country.

At the end, and after studying and taking all opinions into consideration, the committee decided that it was best to have 2 foreigners per team for now, but kept the door open to a change in the upcoming seasons.

So, it can be officially said now that every team will have 2 foreigners next year.