Lebanese Basketball: Under 15 National Team to Teheran

The Lebanese basketball federation, held a meeting on Monday August 21 at its headquarters, to discuss many administrative issues, as well as some national teams decisions and of course preparations for next’s year championship.

Concerning the national teams:

– The report of national team’s cancelled participation in the Jones Cup done by coach Ghassan Sarkis has been studied by the federation, who then decided to clarify the matter once and for all. Since many senior players could not join due to personal reasons, the federation decided to cancel the participation so that Lebanon’s reputation doesn’t go down due to any failure there.

– The participation in the Asian under 18 women basketball championship has been confirmed. The tournament is going to be held in Jordan between the 10th and 17th of October.

– The under 15 national team to practice starting Monday August 21 to get ready for the West Asian basketball championship next month in Teheran. Also, the coach staff and players of this under 15 NT, as well as the coaching staff  and players of the under 17 NT that is going to participate in a friendly tournament in Dubai, and of course the women under 18 national team’s coaching staff and players were all discussed in the meeting.

The federation also invited the presidents of the first division teams, to elect a new committee to run the championship next year, and to discuss the way the 2014-2015 championship format and other details. And of course the results of the second division men and women leagues were made official.