Lebanese Athletics: The older the fewer

 26 May 2015 – The older the fewer. Yes, indeed, when our athletes get older, they quit. The problem lies in the schools and universities system that doesn’t give the athlete the opportunity to do both, sports and study. While in other countries, the students who practice sports are treated differently.

But we shouldn’t give up and quit so easily! If the system is wrong, we can fight it with time-management, dedication and commitment to our sport. In Lebanon, a career in sport is not something everyone can get, but multifonctionality lies in our DNA, so lets use this strength to excel in both sports and studies.

It is not acceptable to see only one athlete competing at an event in the Juniors category (18-19). The clubs are responsible for this lack of adversity. Young talents are diamonds it their hands, if they are not polished they will be useless. We should not only aim for a championship title or a Lebanese record, the priority is to have a Senior National team that will be able to win medals at international competitions. Our level is very low, we should aim higher!

Photos Day 1

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We will only talk about one athlete today, the one who surprised and proved to everyone that he is a great athlete. Peter KHOURY came back from the Asian Championship improving his time on 800 meters by 5 seconds! He improved 10 seconds since 2014 and the season is not done yet. He set two new Personal Best at the Lebanese Championship running 2:05.42 on 800m and 4:25.79 on 1500m improving more than 20 seconds on this distance.

But what pushed us to write about him was his impressive final leg in the medley relay. Peter was running with his teammates Maroun AOUN (100m), Hadi NASRALLAH (200m) and Jad KHOURY (300m) against a very strong team from Jamhour with Camil ABOU FARHAT (100m), Michael SAMARANI (200m), George GHAFARI (300m) and Karlo KARAM (400m) who was expected to win. On the final leg, the 400m, Peter took the baton 15 meters behind the Karlo and started to get closer to him. At the final 100m, he gave everything he had to overcome his opponent and win for his team Champville.

An incredible performance by the young athlete that can’t go unnoticed. Peter started training 3 years ago, and wasn’t a very talented athlete, what he is accomplishing today is due to his dedication and hard work! He should be an example for everyone who doesn’t believe in the possible.

Six records were set in this championship 5/6 belong to Champville and 1 for Maristes Jbeil:

  • Alain Saad (Maristes Jbeil): 15.73 meters in Shot put Juniors men
  • Mira Ibrahim (Champville): 22.50 in Hammer throw Youth and Midget Girls
  • Chloe Karam (Champville): 33.24.7 in 5000 m Race Walk Youth Girls
  • Sandy Karam (Champville): 58.15.6 in 10000m Race Walk Juniors and Seniors women
  • Sara Joe Kortbawi (Champville): 4:45.78 in 1500m Youth and Juniors women

Corine FREIHA running the 400m Hurdles

 We should note the performances of:

  • Corine Freiha (CSJ) who missed the 400m Hurdles Youth record by 0.4 running the distance in 1:10.59
  • Jad Khoury (Champville) who did two new PBs on 100m in 11.27 and 200m in 22.92 Youth Boys
  • Anthony Mikael (CSJ): 11.13 on 100m Juniors men
  • Joy Abousleiman (CSJ): 5.32m in Long Jump Juniors Women
  • Mahmoud Daou (CSJ): 6.43m in Long Jump Youth Boys

Club Sportif de Jamhour has been the best club in this championship winning 3/4 titles, in the Juniors Men and Women and the Youth Boys. Champville only won the Youth girls title by 2 points over Jamhour. Other clubs should do the same, participate in numbers and quality! We should note the efforts of the Phoenicia Club that is performing really well on the track hoping to see more athletes in the field events!