Lebanese Athletics: Tamara Awada Training Abroad and Improving Drastically

02 Feb. 2017 Tamara Awada 19, is a young athlete who is a true example of how dedication and commitment can lead to serious improvement in athletics.

She started track and field only 2 years ago. At that time, she was studying Physical Education at the University of Antonine before taking a life changing decision to study Sports Science in France. And it was certainly the best decision for her athletic career so far!

Tamara benefited from training in the CREPS of Toulouse with coach Dominique Hernandez who trains the national team of France in this area. CREPS stands for: Centre de Ressources d’Expertise et de Performance Sportives.

Tamara training Coach Dominique Hernandez

Tamara training Coach Dominique Hernandez

But it wasn’t easy at all for Tamara at the beginning. She found it extremely hard to train with such talented people. Their level is way better than our national level in Lebanon.

One of her teammates is Rougui Sow, a young Long Jumper who won the U23 Mediterranean Championship in Athletics last year in Tunis. The Lebanese delegation had the opportunity to meet her and accompany her throughout the travel back to France.

Two other French champions are also part of Tamara’s team: Raihau Maiau the men’s Long Jump champion and Helene Parisot the women’s 60m indoor champion.

Just being surrounded by such amazing people gave Tamara a lot of motivation! Her passion for this sport grew even more after this unique experience.

She ran the 60 meters indoor in 8.58 seconds at the end of 2016, setting a new Juniors Indoor Record for the distance. She then moved from Antonins Club to the Champions and started teh 2017 with great improvements: She ran the 60m in 8.47 then in 8.33 and now she improved her mark to an amazing 8.28 seconds!

“There is a huge difference from training in Lebanon and training here with such a wonderful team. Coach Hernandez focused on improving my running technique and small details that allowed me to improve fast and achieve this performance.,” said Tamara.

The young woman is preparing for an outdoor season where we expect her to surprise everyone, and maybe run for the first time a sub 13 seconds on the 100 meters!

All the best Tamara in your journey!