Lebanese Athletics: “We should set our own standards”

The Champville Maristes club organized four meetings for the young athletes to break categories’ records. Four of them set seven records in the first 3 competitions. The last meeting was organized yesterday, September 24th at the Lebanese University in Hadath where no one was able to set any Lebanese record.

When we look at the Lebanese rankings in athletics, we see that we are still far from the international level. Even if we were able to collect one Gold medal in the Asian Games with Jean Claude RABBATH, and a Silver medal in the Asian Championship with Gretta TASLAKIAN and finally a Bronze medal and the first Asian medal with Janette AYOUB, we still need to push the level even higher than the Asian one.

Athletes should aim the Olympic and World qualifications standards not only Lebanese records. These young athletes are the best in their categories, when they improve their performances they set Lebanese records. This shouldn’t be the only target. “We should put our own standards”.

On the other hand, when athletes break records, it means that they are pushing the limits and raising the bar higher, meaning improving the level of our country. But the athletes alone can’t do this. There should be a whole system working for improving our level and helping these athletes achieve better results in international competitions.

Lebanese ArmyYesterday at the Champville Meeting, supervised by the Lebanese Federation, sprint athletes were facing strong headwind that reached -3 m/s, that prevent Lea OBEID (Champville) to set a 80 and 150 meters midget records, Jad KHOURY (Champville) to break his own 100 and 150 meters midget records, Nour Eddin HADID (Lebanese Army) to break his 150 meters record set few days ago. Only Peter KHOURY (Champville) who ran with three other Army runners, improved his personal best in 2000 meters clocking 6 minutes 31 seconds.

Usain BOLT was a great young athlete, like many other young athletes who set Juniors World records and win medals in Juniors and Youth Championships. But when he reached his Senior years, he was much better than those who were even better than him in his early years. He achieved what other humans could not do. He became the fastest man on earth while others were as good as he was when he was in his 17 and 18 years of age.

To conclude, the aim of an athlete has to be in his Senior years, these young talents should continue to train hard like BOLT did, to reach a level no Lebanese has ever reached. A category is a step in an athlete’s life, an amazing one, but the best one will be when he or she stands on an international podium in his or her Senior year and to know that he or she was working for years to be in this position and raise the flag of his or her country high in the sky.