Lebanese Athletics: Patrick Hanna and Chirine Njeim shining in LA and Paris

12 Apr. 2015 – Today morning, both Patrick HANNA (Blue Stars) and Chirine NJEIM (Champville) have accomplished great results abroad! Patrick is today the first man to break the 15 meters barrier in triple jump! On the other hand Chirine ran the Paris Marathon in 3:02.29 getting closer to Maria Pia NEHME’s record!

Patrick HANNA is an 19 years old who is living and training in Canada. His father, Ziad HANNA, was the Lebanese Champion in 100 and 200 meters and still holds the long jump youth record of 6.75m! It is a family of athletes; the younger brother of Patrick, Frederick, is also a very talented athlete who is following in his older brother’s steps. The three champions are surrounded by a very supportive mother, Maya!

Patrick started the season by setting indoor records in both the Long and triple jump, and was the first junior athlete to go beyond 7 meters in Long Jump! At a younger age, Patrick used to do high jump, but switched to Long and Triple Jump due to unease in his leg while high jumping, but it turns out that he is a great LongChirine-Njeim and triple jumper!!

At only 19, Patrick didn’t just set a new Juniors record, he also improved his own Senior record! On top of that he entered the history book by breaking the 15 meters barrier jumping 15.38m. We are still in the beginning of the season, Patrick will certainly raise the bar even higher and set new record-performances.

On the other hand, Chirine NJEIM, who is living and training in the States, and who competed previously at three Winter Olympic Games in Ski, is now preparing to break the marathon record. She started training for it 3 years ago, and has won the Beirut Marathon last year.

She set a new Personnal Best after running the Paris Marathon and clocking a superb 3:02.29! Chririne is getting closer to Maria Pia NEHME’s record of 3:00.02. Who will be the first to break the 3 hours barrier? Only time will tell.

Congrats Champs!