Lebanese Athletics: Lea Obeid and Sara Joe Kortbawi in training camp in Qatar

The Asian Athletics Federation has organized a two-weeks training camp for Youth in both Long Jump and Middle Distance in Aspire – Qatar. One athlete in each discipline was able to participate in the training camp. From Lebanon, Lea Obeid (Long Jump) and Sara Joe Kortbawi (Middle Distance), both from Champville, were chosen to take part in this program.

Both athletes are the best youth athletes in Lebanon. Sara Joe KORTBAWI just came back from the Youth Olympic Games that were held in Nanjing, to go the next day to Qatar. KORTBAWI is the record holder of all middle distance events from Bantam category (12-13yrs) to Youth (16-17yrs), while she is only 16.

OBEID, on another hand, is the record holder of the 60 meters for Bantams with 8.22 seconds, and the 100 meters with 12.78 seconds for the Midget Category (14-15yrs). She also jumped this year 5.02 meters in Long Jump, the second best performance ever done by a midget in this event. She’s only 15.

Their coach and Vice President of the Lebanese Athletics Federation M. Elie SAADE accompanied them both.IMG_6215

All the athletes from the same event were training together; doing the same program, a chance for our young   athletes to see where they stand among the other Asian Youth.

“It is very very very exciting! The Level is high but we are doing very well. When I run against the others in   practice, for example a 150 meters training, I don’t run with full power and I see myself doing great performances.   We are all doing the same training, but only for the gym sessions we are divided into groups”, said OBEID

“Training camps are essential for our improvement, you feel that you are part of something important and you   start working more on yourself”, she added.

These two young athletes who are the future of track and field in Lebanon, will participate in four meetings   organized by Club Champville, to try to break national records in their respective events.

The four meetings will be held in Hadath, at the Lebanese University track, on the following days:

Wednesday, September 17: (PM)

4:00 – Grouping

4:30 – 60m Women

4:40 – 80m Men

4:50 – 300m Women

5:00 – 400m Men

5:10 – 2000m Race Walk

5:30 – 800m Men

5:40 – 800m Women

5:50 – 150m Women


Saturday, September 20: (PM)

3:30 – Grouping

4:00 – 100m Hurdles Women

4:15 – 80m Women

4:25 – 100m Men

4:35 – 400m Women

4:45 – 400m Men

4:55 – 3000m Race Walk

5:20 – 1500m Women

5:30 – 1500m Men

5:40 – 150m Women

5:50 – 150m Men


Tuesday, September 23: (PM)

4:00 – Grouping

4:30 – 60m Women

4:40 – 80m Men

4:50 – 1000m Men

5:00 – 1000m Women

5:10 – 1500m Men

5:20 – 1500m Women

5:30 – 300m Women

5:40 – 300m Men

5:50 – 100m Women

6:00 – 100m Men


Wednesday, September 24: (PM)

4:00 – Grouping

4:30 – 80m Women

4:40 – 100m Men

4:50 – 400m Women

5:00 – 400m Men

5:10 – 3000m Race Walk

5:30 – 2000m Men

5:40 – 2000m Women

5:50 – 150m Women

6:00 – 150m Men