Lebanese Athletics: “Kids Athletics” by Antonins Baabda

26 Dec 2015 – Antonins’ Sports Activities department in Baabda organized on their field a “Kids Athletics” event, with the presence of the president of the institute Father Georges SADKE and its director Father Ghassan NASR under the supervision of the Lebanese Athletics Federation, represented by the federation member Jean GHAOUI.

In this long athletic day, 72 athlete participated in this event representing their schools: Loueize, Faghman. Delivrante Ariya, Saint Joseph Mechref, Soeures Antonines, Sagesse Brazilia, Evangelical Achrafiye and the host school. Different disciplines of throwing, jumping and running were organized.

In the end, the athletes received medals and certificates for their participation. We should note that this event was lunched by the IAAF and is being organized in all schools around Lebanon.

It targets the young kids and it is an opportunity for them to get to know the sport at a young age. It is also a great opportunity to detect the real talents and help them chose the right path.