Lebanese Athletics: Jamhour’s Cross-Country Interscolaire Overview

27 Jan. 2015- Like every year, CNDJ held on their field the traditional “Cross-Country Interscolaire” sponsored by Fransabank on Saturday 17th January 2015. Needless to mention that it is one of the most important cross competitions in Lebanon. 409 participants representing 17 schools were divided into categories. We all had the chance to run under a shiny weather. Individually, medals were given to the first 6 and trophies to the first 3 teams.

The races succeeded one another beginning with the youngest category and finishing with the oldest one. Esraa Ezzedine, Zahraa Ezzedine (both from Al Amiliyié Tyr) and Leabelle Khalil (from ND Louaizé) got respectively the first, second and third place in the 10-11 year-old girls’ race.


In the boys’ same category, Alexandre Fakhry (from NDJ) beautifully won the race, directly followed by Ali Ali (from Peres Antonins) who won the second place and Christian Aramouni (from NDJ) secured third place. In the 12-13 year-old girls’ category, Farah Tayar, Clawdia Zmokhol and Lynn Daccache (both 3 from NDJ) respectively got the first three medals. A little bit later, Kevin Zoghbi, Marc Matta and Anthony Feghali (both 3 from Peres Antonins) were standing respectively on the first three marches of the podium. When the race finished, it was time for the 14-15 year-old girls race to start, Ghiya Mtayrek (from Cadmous-Tyr) arrived first followed by Yasmina Fakhry and Ariane Fayad (both from NDJ).Jamhour-interscolaire-cross-country-athletics-2015-2

In the boys’ same category, Habib Baladi (from NDJ) won the first place, Ali Fawaz (from Al Amiliyé Tyr) won the second one and Camil Yammine (from NDJ) got the third one.

At last but not least, was the 16-17 year-old runners’ race. In the girls’ category, Nour El Achkar (from NDJ) won the race, Rayyanne Mamlouk (from Cadmous-Tyr) won the second place and Christelle Haddad (from NDJ) won the third one. On the other hand, Ahmad Chour (from LES-Tyr) got the first place in the boys’ race, directly followed by Dory Feghaly (from NDJ) then Austin Yaacoub (from Mont-La-Salle). Every single runner was using all his skills to highly raise the name of his team.

NDJ won six categories team titles, while Al Amiliye-Tyr and Peres Antonins won the two others. In the end, NDJ got 21 medals: 4 gold, 3 silver and 14 bronze. Thanks to all the participants who contributed in making this event an unforgettable one and to Mr. Roland Saade, Mr. Naamtallah Bejjani, Mr. Jean Ghaoui and all members of the Lebanese Athletics Federation, for giving medals and trophies to the winners. Finally, thanks to all the coaches who are helping the athletes to improve more and more.

Sports 961 student specialist: Muriel Slim